Friday, November 1, 2013

Sugar Challenge - Final Update

One month without sugar is done.  I made it through alive.  And, I may have actually killed my sweet tooth in the process.   And, I lost 6 pounds.  I didn't really change anything else.  And, I was actually working out less than I usually do.  I no longer have a mid-afternoon slump or feel like I desperately need a nap at 3pm.  I feel more alert.  And, generally speaking, I just feel healthier and happier.  And, according to my mom, I'm nicer.  I guess that was the whole point.  And, it worked.

So, what does this all mean?  Well, it means I'm going to keep my sugar intake to a minimum.  Its just not worth it to go through the sugar detox again.  I had a nasty headache for the first couple of days of the month.  Another contributing factor the the headache is that I accidentally gave up caffeine at the same time - I haven't been drinking coffee since the beginning of the year  and I used to drink regular soda and a Red Bull during the day, both have sugar, so they were both out.  So, no caffeine.  But, I did discover that I can have a bit of coffee (a couple of cups a week at this point) so that's good news.  I just need to not go overboard with it.  And, I'm back to drinking tea again.  So, I'm getting some caffeine, but I don't want to be dependent on it.

Now I'm no longer dependent on coffee or sugar.  Win!  And, I've had a giant bag of Halloween candy on my desk all morning and I haven't eaten anything from it.  Although I did have a few red vines this morning.  They were still delicious, but one would have been enough.  No need to overindulge.  That's a big change for me.  Usually its one is too many, ten is never enough.

For now I'm panning on keeping the sugar intake to a minimum.  Sticking with eating things that aren't high in sugar and I won't be having any soda anytime soon.

In other, unrelated news, I was able to successfully register for Vineman 70.3 this morning.  Yay! I'm ready to tackle the training this year and be more focused.  I want to see what I'm truly capable of and go for a big PR.  Now I just need to figure out the rest of my racing schedule for the year.  I also need to figure out if I'm going to do this with a team, or solo and hire a coach.   Plus, I want to find 2 or 3 other 70.3's I can add to my schedule.  I wanted to do Hawaii 70.3, but I'm not sure that's going to happen.  I'm leaning toward Lake Stevens at the moment.  Looks like I've got some decision making to do.
Any 70.3 recommendations?


  1. Congrats on winning the battle with sugar! I have been cutting out my soda intake too...water is a great thing!

    1. That's awesome. I feel like soda is the biggest thing I needed to eliminate. Totally helped cut back the sugar, and now I'm back to drinking loads of water again. :)

  2. Sugar, I'm too sweet to give it up, I have been eating fudge this morning and am about to open the Coke! But I have a marathon in 2 weeks time and I think that week of the mararhon I will watch my intake and maybe loss a few grams!!!

    Can't wait to read about your Vineman 70.3 adventure, when does the training start?

    1. I'll probably start seriously training in February, with a first race of the season in early March :) Excited to kick some butt this time around :)


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