Thursday, November 7, 2013

Adventures Ahead! (Ragnar Vegas!)

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling the bug to run another relay.  Odd, since I haven't been enjoying running that much.  But, I posted on my Facebook wall that I was interested in potentially running Ragnar Vegas.  And within minutes I was talking to a team.  By the end of the day I had committed and within a week I had booked my plane tickets.  Vegas here I come!
I'm excited to run another Ragnar, one I've never done before and spend 30ish hours in a van with five people (most I don't know) for a crazy running adventure.  What better way to find your run love again then by having as much fun as possible over two days, running unfamiliar routes with strangers? Recipe for success? Yes, I think so.  It might seem crazy, three separate runs over 24 hours, that I have not studied at all (as I didn't know what runner number I would be until this week), being slightly undertrained (I can still do all my runs at the paces I said I could), with a few people I know and lots I don't.  But, I always have fun relaying and this time will be no different.

I packed up my bag last night, then unpacked it, then repacked it, then picked a different bag because my backpack was being wonky (still backpack sized, but a duffle instead).  I leave work at 3 today, head to the airport and arrive in Vegas at 6pm.  Our team starts at 5am (eeks! SO early)!

I'm in van 1, runner 4, so I only have 12.3 miles to run total.  My first run should be around 10am.  It's 4.5 miles, and doesn't look too bad.  Slight elevation loss the whole way.
Run number 2 should be around 7pm (ish) and is super short, only 2.3 miles.  Should be quick, even with a slight uphill most of the way.  But, whoa, lots of crossing over for the two runners before me.

Final run should be around 6:30am (ish) and is my longest run at 5.1 miles.  Nothing too crazy.  Slightly uphill  for the second half (I'm thinking sort of like San Vicente from Ocean, for those of you who run on the westside of LA).

I'm excited, short day at work and then I'm off.  Lets see if I can find the fun in running again.  (Actually, I've had a couple of decent, didn't hate it runs in the last couple of weeks, so I'm optimistic that this will keep tipping the scales in that direction.)  I'm hopping on a plane on Saturday at 8pm and heading home (the return ticket was half as much to return on Saturday night as opposed to Sunday am, and seeing as I don't have Monday off work for a cheaper ticket then, I opted for Saturday).  So, this will be a super fast trip.  I'm excited to get away for a couple of nights and have some crazy adventures!

Are you running Vegas?  I'm on Team Epic, come find me and say hi! Have you run a Ragnar (or any other relay)?  If so, what's your favorite one? (I'm always looking for more relays, definitely looking to add a few to my calendar for next year!)

PS - I'm still looking for a ride from the finish line to the airport on Saturday (around 6pm).  If anyone can help out, let me know, I'd be very thankful :)


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