Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Go Time

Last week was kind of awesome.  Filled with cupcakes, aero bars, open water swim mania, and fun times!  A recovery week over my birthday and some time to prepare for what's next - GO TIME.

Last Tuesday was my birthday, and I decided to celebrate with a swim.  Last year I celebrated my birthday by running a half marathon, and had fun, so I thought a workout would be a great way to spend the evening.  I had gone out to dinner to celebrate with my family the night before so it worked out perfectly.  After the swim set I went to dinner with a bunch of my teammate's and a couple of our coaches.  It was a fun dinner and birthday celebration (for me and Coach Brad, his birthday is the day after mine), including sombreros!  (I also had cupcakes and ice cream at work on Tuesday - sugar overload!)  And, I got a number of birthday donations to my fundraising, which made the day even more special.  Thank you to everyone who donated.  (You can still donate to wish me a happy belated birthday, its not too late!)

We're going to fast forward to Friday cause nothing interesting happened Wednesday or Thursday. Friday morning I got up early and headed to Santa Monica, to Tower 26, for OWS (open water swim).  I had gone the previous Friday morning and it was a great way to start the day, so I decided I would do this every week that the team is out there.  I got to the beach and the waves were kind of big, and coming in sets of 5 and 6.  It was a little scary looking, although the water felt good, it was a good temperature.  I tried making it out once and freaked out a little and started to head back to shore.  Coach Brad made me try again.  We were almost past the break and I didn't duck dive in time and got knocked around by a wave and inhaled some water and freaked out again.  So, I headed back to shore.  I felt like a little kid, holding the coach's hand cause I was scared.  Fail.

A little bit later I decided to try again.  I went out with Holly S and successfully made it past the break and got in one loop.  Not enough for the day, but a good start.  At the end of the day I headed home a little early and my awesome teammate Amy picked me up and we headed back to Tower 26 for another OWS.  The waves were much smaller in the afternoon and I had a good swim, got in a couple of loops and at the end we all played in the water and Holly S taught me how to body surf.  So fun.  (Also of note, Holly has taught me a bunch of stuff since I started with the team - how to clip in and out on the bike, how to get past the waves, how to body surf... Thank you Holly!)

Saturday morning brought yet another OWS! Three open water swims in 24 hours!?! Kind of a lot, but seriously fun!  This one was longer, and the water somehow felt more polluted.  I kept swimming through sheets of plastic.  So nasty.  After the swim we had a transition to bike/run/bike/run/bike/run extravaganza.  First we had to prove we could grab a bottle from bottle exchange and holster it.  No problem, I had done that at Desert Tri and Wildflower.  Finally, something on the bike I can do easily!

Bottle exchange

We rode our bikes up to Ocean and San Vicente (OSV) and did an Amalfi loop (an uphill windy road) followed by the San Vicente Challenge.  What is the San Vicente Challenge?  Well, it involves riding up hill at faster and faster speeds.  I got to 18mph and couldn't hold it and had to tap out.  I was pretty impressed with myself.  After coming back down San V we did a 10 minute transition run and then back on our bikes and repeat, repeat, repeat until 12:30.  I got through three loops and got to practice being in aero a lot.  I actually really enjoyed it and it wasn't terribly hard for me, I kind of found it comfortable.  Ha! Who would've thought?  I am enjoying the bike more and more everyday.  Excited to start pushing my pace a bit more.  And, I feel like after all the struggles I've had on the bike, I was due to have something come easier.  Apparently that's aero.
Look at me! Having fun and smiling on the bike!!

 Safety first!

Saturday afternoon consisted of visiting with friends and then heading to a birthday party.  I was dead tired by 10:30.  I got home and passed right out.  Thankfully practice on Sunday didn't start until 9:15am.  We had another OWS, and I was excited, I charged right in to the water.  When we were done we saw dolphins jumping and swimming right where we had just been swimming, so cool.

I love OWS (even if a wetsuit is potentially the most unflattering thing I've ever put on)

After the swim Vineman/Canada participants had a nice easy 10 mile run.  I ran with Coach Andie again this week.  She was good company and made the miles feel easy.  After the run I had the follow up to my hydrostatic body fat test (better results than I thought - more on this in another post).  Then home to clean and relax.  Then I went out to a birthday dinner with Allison and Sheree at Gyu Kaku, where we had delicious food and yummy cupcakes!  Thanks girls for helping me finish out a super fun birthday week!

Carrot cake cupcake, s'mores cupcake and birthday cake cupcake. Yum!

Recovery week done.  I swear I try to jam way too much in to the recovery weeks.  I'm exhausted.  And, on that note, it's go time.  Only 67 days til race day.  I need to hit all my workouts and hit them hard.  No more occasionally half-assing it (I've been doing them all, most of the time, I just haven't always been giving them my all).  I need to get my ass in gear.  Cause I want to finish and not look like I'm going to die when I finish.  To my friends and family, I'm sorry, but you're going to be seeing WAY less of me.  It's focus time.  Please understand that I need your support and understanding for the next several weeks as the race approaches, my absence isn't cause I don't love you, its cause I am committed to seeing this through.  In 69 days I'm all yours again.

Day one of Go Time, successful.  I did the bonus spin, the core workout and ate healthy all day.  On to day 2, swim tonight and already eating healthy today.  Lets keep this trend going.  (I'll post a weekly update for how I'm doing to keep myself accountable.)

Lastly, a lot of my teammates are heading to Hawaii next week for their race - Ironman Hawaii 70.3.  Good luck to all of you, you're going to kill it! I wish I was going so I could cheer you all on and see the amazing things you are about to accomplish, but listen really closely, you might hear me cheering extra loud all the way from LA.  Speaking of, if anyone has a ton of frequent flier miles they'd like to give me to get me to Hawaii I'd be more than willing to accept them. :)  Or, you can just buy me a ticket, and if you're going to be there I can be your own person sherpa/cheer squad, I'm great at both of these things! :)


Note: All images are courtesy of Paiwei Wei and Louis Kwan, thank you both for your incredible images, seriously, you're amazing (sombrero dinner pic from Marvin, cupcake pic I took).

Help me get across that finish line and make a donation to LLS, cause I'm still doing this all for a cause.  It's 100% tax deductible!  Do it... you know you want to.  And, you can sponsor a mile for just $15! I'll swim/bike/run in your name or in honor/memory of someone you choose.  Just $15 a mile.  Help a girl out! (And, if your company does matching gifts I'll double the miles you get to sponsor.)


  1. Love how happy you look in all those pix! Keep smiling!

    1. Thanks! Apparently this training is agreeing with me :)


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